Who we are?

We are an agrarian cooperative made up of cocoa and copoazu small and medium farmers produced from different location in “Madre de Dios”. We work arduously to can offer a unique product with high quality, aroma, fine flavor, taste and texture that fascinate the palate.

We are dedicated to the commercialization of derivatives of cocoa and copoazu beans, and also copoazu fruit pulp.

As cooperative we work since November 21, 2018 because the supporting of “Caritas Madre de Dios” and the decision of the five smallholder association organized, who have a unique cocoa and copoazu production, decided work together and made the Coopssur cooperative with the purpose of commercialization our products. 

Madre de Dios is considered as “The capital of the biodiversity of Peru” however during the last years has been considered as the region with the main illegal gold mining activity at the Peruvian Amazonia, it mean a lot of deforestation, contamination because mercury, and any social matters. Coopssur not only represent a smallholder group but also represent the fight against illegal gold mining at the Amazonia, through organic, sustainable and ecological agriculture. They preserve the richest of the Amazonia and they guarantee equity between men and women.


Made up of 5 association of agricultural producers focused in cocoa and copoazu.


We work in each block of cocoa and copoazu value chain.


We offer special raw material (cocoa and copoazu beans) produced by ourselves for processing and commercialization, derivatives like chocolates


We work with the main producers’ agricultural association of copoazu in “Madre de Dios”

Corporate identify


To be a leading organization in the south eastern region of Peru, strengthening capacities in the sustainable production, processing and commercialization of high quality organic products at the integral service for communities’ development where our partner smallholder live, consolidated to the direct access of the national and international markets.


Our mission is to improve the quality production, commercialization, agroindustry and industrialization of cocoa and copoazú. We contribute to the socio-economic and cultural development of our smallholders through social and environmental responsibility. We offer products, quality services diversified from agroforestry and agricultural production in order to satisfy our clients and the well-being of our smallholders.


  • Solidarity: Our nature of cooperativism characterizes us as the main value “the solidarity”, mutual support in the land, sharing ancestral knowledge of our nature, knowledge of organic productive management of our lands, and especially “Caritas Madre de Dios”, has taught us the value of charity, reflected in the solidarity between us, we know that together we advance better than apart; That is why we founded COOPSSUR, our cooperative.
  • Respect: Respect among ourselves and towards nature, we practice organic production because we know that we must respect our natural resources, know how to manage sustainable the natural resources without depleting them that is why we carry out good agricultural practices that allow us to have sustainable production, for the well-being of ourselves, the consumer and our children.
  • Responsibility: Besides of being a responsible cooperative for the environment, we are a cooperative responsible for the customer, we strive so that the quality of our products is in accordance with the demands of our market.

Our members

Let’s know some of our smallholder members

Erasmo Cuito Larota
Asociación de Agricultores Agropecuarios de la Comunidad el Progreso
Alejandrina Mamani Quispe
Asociación de Productores de cacao La Cumbre Inambari
Gabino Callata Ticona
Asociación de Productores Agrarios la Cuenca de Manuripe Mavila - APACMAN

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